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About me

Amanda Immurs’ paintings are grounded in representation, depicting conceived spaces and moments in time. For Immurs, the canvas operates as a ground to express a narrative of simple pleasures that allow for an experience that can be both shared and questioned by its observer.

Hamiltonian Amanda Immurs received her bachelor of fine art at McMaster University. She continued her education at Sheridan College in their crafts and design programme with concentration in textiles. Amanda works primarily as a representational oil painter inspired by her surroundings. Her combination of training has lead Amanda to create tactile pieces that reflect upon the layers of everyday life. In 2013 some of Amanda’s images were used to create banners that were hung on Hamilton’s King William Street Artists Walk. Shortly after, Amanda was chosen to paint a giant soccer ball in celebration of the 2015 Pan Am Games. More recently another painting of Amanda’s was selected to use as a banner image to celebrate Canada’s 150th year. These new banners of a girl blowing a dandelion were displayed around Hamilton’s downtown core. Amanda Immurs’ work can also be found in various collections across Canada and the US.

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